Jeremy Video

This video is all about how media is infecting people’s decision and point of views and planting hatred towards internet personalities. How they can easily change the meaning of the context and how they can simply add non sense meaning to meaningless jokes. This is how they drag down people who are talking about nothing but the truth. To convince that his jokes were below the belt and he should know where he belongs. The media simply criticized this man and put a dirt on his name. They realized that he’s getting a lot of attention and whatever he say can affect others decision and how they look towards the mainstream media. This is an existing problem of the world. Where mainstream media do not tell the whole story and hide the truth from the people. In this video, you can see that Felix apologize for the jokes and using the wrong words that offended a lot of people. He even released a statement saying “I am in no way supporting any kind of hateful attitudes”. However, this is not the real issue is. This is clearly a personal attack against him. Mainstream media used this against him and attempted to completely remove him from being one of the influential individual in the internet. Articles who talked about his jokes that provided different meanings to it and might somehow damaged his credibility. A salute from PewDiePie “Our secret nuts’ salute, the bro fist.”



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