There are times that we just need to forget about our pride and learn how to reach out. Learn how to forgive and forget. Be patient and understanding. Be an effective individual who would motivate another person. Be happy and make love not war.

I just realized that I’m already in the next chapter of my life. My twenties life. So now, this blog will be all about my Twenties chapter. Originally, I created this blog for a someone. But I believe that someone is no longer existing in my world, since he chose to disappear forever.

I encountered another friendship war. I don’t want to go with the details, but what I learned was to give way, reach out, don’t think who’s right or not, who wins/loses, because its not about that. Its about keeping your friendship alive and kicking. Its about choosing your friendship over pride and meaningless arguments.

This is really cool. Like I have this feeling like it was a relief. For the first time, I reach out to a person, saying sorry, even if I’m not even sure what kind of mistake I did. Talking to a person, trying to make them feel like I still care. This is the first time I set aside my pride. I would love to run it like this. I would like to change and I know that this is the first step to it.



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