Enlighten me.

Thank you for making me strong when I needed someone to do so. You’re the best part of my life and I know that you will always be.

This is unusual. I know and I feel guilty about it. I don’t write about you a lot. Because I talk to you all the time.

I don’t go to church every Sunday, but I always pray for you everyday. Thank you for making me strong from time to time. Thank you for giving such strength and patience when I feel like giving up. Thank you for pouring me with love every time I feel lost.

Thank you. Just a two words and 8 letters. That’s all I can say for everything you’ve done to my life. I know that there are a lot of reasons why all of this is happening to me. I know one day, I’ll stand up once again and be a better person as what you always wanted me to be. I may not be perfect but I know I am real, God-fearing and of course, a loving person.

I know there are times that I make you feel sad with my doings, but believe me, it’s not making me happy. Its just that, there are times that sometimes, the temptation was strong but still not a valid reason. But please, never ever allow me to do it again and I’m sorry.

I know this letter is and will never be enough to tell you how thankful I am, but this is making me happy. That once in a while, I’m able to write something for you.

As of now, I’m facing lot of troubles, and I know, as always, you’re in my back, waiting for me to ask some help and always ready and prepare to catch me if ever I fall.

Please do enlighten me, my heart and my mind. Give me the things that I’ll be needing for the future and take away the things that could make it worst. I’ll trust in you no matter what happen. For you have better plans than mine. I know that your plans will prosper me not to harm me. Plans that will give me Hope and a Future.

Thank you.




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