A Happy Pill

I saw him today.

I have a crush on him, a long time ago, I know.

Everyone knows excluding him.

And its funny. And its crazy.

I feel uncomfortable around him and its pretty obvious, I know.

He’s an inspiration to me.

He’s humor hook me.

He’s treatment towards other people amaze me.

He’s funny side and the way he fools around is making me laugh out loud.

Well, I just want you to know that I’m talking about a different person here.

This is not the same person that I’m missing since I started this blog page.

He’s just so funny to be with. And once in a while we need that kind of person with us, right?

Like I’m a funny and an energetic person.

But we’re losing energy as well every time we feel stress and sad.

And the moment I met him today, I think, well, I could say

I’m full charged! Yeah!

He’s just like a happy pill for me, no, not only for me but for everybody.

It’s like sharing your happiness with everyone and he’s totally effective.

In a way where no one gets mad.

That’s it for today about him.




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